Corruption of Igor Mazepa. An attempt to steal a plot of land worth $140 000 000

Plot of land with an area of 113.5 hectares on the banks of the Dnieper in the prestigious district of Kiev

The history of the land area of 113.5 hectares in the prestigious district of Kiev
  1. In March 2007, the Kiev authorities sold to the “Baski plus-2004” firm at auction for UAH 999 million (oligarch Dmitry Firtash)
  2. In November 2007, the “Basque Plus-2004” company received a credit line of “Rodovid Bank” for the amount of UAH 3.7 billion secured by these 113.5 hectares. The next year, a crisis broke out and in early 2009, borrowers stopped ceasing to pay a loan to the bank. As a consequence, “Rodovid Bank” sued the disputed land plot
  3. December 19, 2017 The National Bank of Ukraine liquidates “Rodovidbank”
Kiev, the district of Obolon. One of the recreational areas on the Dnieper river
December 2017. Sales through the companies of Igor Mazepa

The seizure of Rodovid Bank’s property began in December 2017 and took place in several stages. December 13, 2017, the land was sold to a Cyprus offshore company. A week later, on December 21, a private notary registered for this offshore ownership.

  1. The first sale. December 21, the owner of the land was the Cyprus company NEBOT HOLDINGS LIMITED.
  2. The second sale. December 28th. The land is sold to Cyprus offshore STILEMAX INVESTMENT LIMITED.
  3. Third sale. December 29th. The land was sold to Financial Company Attal LLC.

Theft of the land plot of Igor Mazepa

After the Pechersk District Court of the city of Kiev arrested the plot, he still changed the owner. The Guarantee Fund for Individual Deposits did not disclose the name of the new owner, but we managed to obtain an extract from the register of rights to real estate and public cadastral card. January 26, 2018 the new owner was the firm “Investment Valley” (ТОВ «ІНВЕСТИЦІЙНА ДОЛИНА») owned by Igor Mazepa. Registration was made by Konstantin Grebenyukov, representative of the Kiev branch of the KP “Registration of real estate and business”.

OOO “Investment valley” Code of EGRPOU: 41841472 Date of registration: 2018-01-26


The President’s Best Friend

“Also under the office of the president several times we met businessman Igor Mazepa, CEO of the investment company Concorde Capital. The Internet publication “Ukrainskaya Pravda” in one of the articles asserts that Mazeppa influences the personnel appointments in the country because of Boris Lozhkin, the head of the President’s Administration “, – was said in the material of the journalists” Schemes “

In the company “Investment Valley” declined to comment on the acquisition of the property in a 113.5 hectare area in Obolon.

Restoration of justice

February 7, 2018 on the Foundation’s website was published information that the land area, an area of more than 113.5 hectares was returned to the ownership of JSC Rodovid Bank.


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